Transcreation is not a buzzword. It’s a very real approach to generating marketing materials in Spanish.

If you have marketing assets in English and need to use them to engage with a Spanish-speaking audience, translating is not enough.

Translation is a language-centric process. But you don’t need “good” Spanish. You need Spanish that sells.

Translations focus on answering a simple question “How do we say this in Spanish?” Simple. And painfully off the mark.

Transcreations dive into the complexity of addressing marketing questions:

  • “Who are we selling to?”
  • “What are we selling?”
  • “How are we selling it?
  • “How does our brand impact the way we speak?”

At the end of the day, it’s not about language. It’s about selling.


Differences between Translation and Transcreation

[table type=”simple”]



Priority: meaning stays the same in the target language as it was in the source language Priority: content fulfills the same objectives across audiences
From one language to another From one audience to another
Meaning remains the same Branding and marketing intent remain the same
A good translation is faithful and accurate A good transcreation is effective and creative


From simple customer support emails or FAQs, to full-fledged ad campaigns, Agua’s Transcreation copywriters will create solid assets to allow you to sucessfully execute Hispanic marketing campaigns.

Materials can include brochures, print ads, newsletters, catalogs, online marketing pieces (email, banner ads, search engine marketing materials), in-store marketing materials, news releases, employee communication pieces, correspondence to and from customers and other materials used to communicate or engage with a Hispanic audience.