High priority + Sense of Urgency + Unproven market = High risk.

You know that the opportunities are out there. You’ve been reading. Researching. Becoming an expert in the Hispanic culture.”Hispanic” has high priority for your company. There’s a widespread sense of urgency about it. The project can potentially have a dramatic impact in your revenue. And you’re in charge of making it happen.

But… It’s new. It’s unproven. It’s risky. You don’t have the internal expertise. The budget is small.

Fortunately, there’s Agua’s Hispanic marketing outsourcing. Our team can act as a Hispanic execution arm, assisting in the definition of programs, executing, measuring results and documenting best practices. You can have a seasoned Hispanic marketing team on the ground in no time, with no risk and at a fraction of the cost of staffing it internally.

We’ll get your initiatives off the ground, until they gain enough momentum to become self-sustaining. We´ll then assist you in the transition from outsourced resources to internal teams. If we work ourselves out of a job, we know we did a good job.Outsource services will help you tackle the following areas:

  • Development of yearly Hispanic communication and media plans.
  • Development and tracking of key performance indicators and success criteria for all marketing programs and activities.
  • Strategic planning, including brand positioning, market and competitive analysis, customer monitoring, syndicated data analysis, customer segment selection and penetration plans.
  • Define and execute direct marketing and promotional programs for demand generation.
  • Provide support to the product management teams, including providing customer insight for market and product requirements, interface with teams for product development and product pricing.

You will have a seasoned Hispanic marketing team in place in no time. In a matter of weeks you can start executing, making money and looking good.

Just add water.