Gross. Gross. Gross. An anti itch cream called “Sarna.” The cream is probably very good and effective… except Sarna means “mange” in Spanish. Even if you were trying to pick the worst name for a skin cream as a joke, you probably wouldn’t pick Sarna. Too disgusting. My first thought was that since the manufacturer […]

Yeah, they’re not targeting Hispanics. Yeah, they’ve been around for 20 years… but, c’mon! I had to approach the lady at the booth and discreetly tell her that the name of her company meant “booger” in Spanish. She told me she knew, but they used to be called the “Mortgage Company” and decided to short […]

Have you noticed all the beeping smoke detectors in the Hispanic community? You know what I’m talking about: when the white disk that’s attached to your ceiling runs out of battery and complains “BEEP!” Over and over again – “BEEP!” Now – I’m obsessive with those things. In the laundry room of our home I […]

A Mexican bandit robbed a bank in Texas and got caught by the town’s sheriff. When the sheriff tried to question him about the money, he realized that the robber didn’t speak English and the sheriff didn’t speak Spanish. Fortunately, a bilingual lawyer was nearby and was summoned to help out with the situation. The […]

  “Do you know what makes me mad? Having to press 1 for English. This is MY country. I shouldn’t have to press nothing to get to talk to someone in my own language…” “Here we go again,” I thought, as I embarked in one of the most common discussions surrounding Hispanics in America. “I don’t really […]

I was recently in the corporate office of one of our clients and noticed this sign. I brought a smile to my face how the “official” sign asked employees to provide instructions in Spanish to the cleaning crew. It was an interesting acceptance of the reality: how many of us simply accept that people performing […]

Multicultural marketing is my passion. I feel very lucky that I make my living with something so interesting, ever changing and strange at times. This blog will be a map of sorts, but not like the ones you can pick up at the gas station. It’ll be one of those maps created as you walk. […]