HIspanic marketing Mother's day

FOR LATINOS, MOTHER’S DAY IS SECOND ONLY TO CHRISTMAS AS GIFT-GIVING OCCASION.   Motherly love and love for our mothers are inherent human traits. This is why Mother’s Day is celebrated in one way or another around the world, and U.S. Latinos are no exception. It is no surprise that many product and retail categories spike […]

To address the growing need for information about the Hispanic market, Agua will host free quarterly webinars about generating revenue from Hispanic consumers. The first webinar on the series will be on October 29 at LatinSmarts.com. “Until now we only shared the latest information and best practices with our clients and partners,” said Manuel Delgado, Agua’s CEO. […]

Generating Spanish-language assets with Spanish speaking talent is not always an option due to budgetary concerns. Yet, providing a Spanish speaking option for your Hispanic audience through the use of high quality dubbing can be. By providing a Spanish language version, you are able to more successfully hit your target audience. Although this can be […]

Sana, sana, colita de rana, si no sana hoy, sanará mañana. Heal, heal, little frog tail. You will heal tomorrow, if not healed today.   This little rhyme is thought to have a magical healing power among the Hispanic culture. Parents and grandparents have recited this rhyme hundreds of times over small cuts, bumps and bruises while gently rubbing […]

October marks the appearance of pumpkins, ghosts and bats at homes and retailers as a visual celebration of Halloween. You may have noticed, however, how skeletons-wearing-hats and colorful altars seem to also be peppering the retail landscape these days, particularly in heavily Hispanic areas. Welcome to the Día de los Muertos, or Day of the […]

When you do what we do, the deep demographic changes of our country are pretty self-evident. You see it in entire neighborhoods being transformed, new businesses emerging and previously “Latin” aspects of life being blended into the new American mainstream (Taco Tuesdays, anyone?). However, when we share the anecdotes and the data with our friends, […]

Yes, Hispanics are ‘only’ 16% of the population, but if you don’t take them into account in your market research projects you will have a significant blind spot in your data. And this is true even when you’re only focused in the “General market,” and not interested in the Latino market. [pullquote align=”left”]Critical differences between Hispanic and […]

Simply put, the American Dream is the only reason why Hispanics are here. The pilgrims came to America as religious refugees, looking for a better place to make their lives. Hispanic immigrants come here as economic refugees, looking for a better place to make a living. We’re here because we can work here. There are […]