Yes, Hispanics are ‘only’ 16% of the population, but if you don’t take them into account in your market research projects you will have a significant blind spot in your data. And this is true even when you’re only focused in the “General market,” and not interested in the Latino market. [pullquote align=”left”]Critical differences between Hispanic and […]

Simply put, the American Dream is the only reason why Hispanics are here. The pilgrims came to America as religious refugees, looking for a better place to make their lives. Hispanic immigrants come here as economic refugees, looking for a better place to make a living. We’re here because we can work here. There are […]

Yes, Latin families are machistas. But in spite of the negative connotation that the term conveys, it generally is not an abusive role. The best way to understand this dynamic is to think about a typical American family from the 1950’s. The male of the house has a default lead in all family affairs. The father, […]

The purchasing power of the US Hispanic market in 2012 is estimated to be $1.2 trillion. This makes it larger than the entire economies of all but 13 countries in the world. In fact, the US Hispanic market is larger than the economies of Argentina, Chile and Peru combined. [1] What makes this market remarkable […]

While the number is the streets is that there are 3 times more people looking for jobs thatn evailable positions, the US Department of Labor reported last week that the unemployument rate among Latinos declined from 8.8% in October to 8.6% in November. That compares with increses of unemployment among African Americans (from 11.1% to […]

An excelent article by my friend Juan Torme, posted in CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 blog. The key point: “Latino Immigrants, for the time being, will be buying less of everything, but in comparison they will be buying more that their non-Hispanic counterparts.” [Read entire article]