Sana, sana, colita de rana, si no sana hoy, sanará mañana.

Heal, heal, little frog tail. You will heal tomorrow, if not healed today.


This little rhyme is thought to have a magical healing power among the Hispanic culture. Parents and grandparents have recited this rhyme hundreds of times over small cuts, bumps and bruises while gently rubbing their fingers over the area. Suddenly, the child feels better. The word “sana” means heal.

This approach is not a holistic way of fixing a real problem. It provides temporary relief and peace of mind: a belief that the injury has been healed. There are many strategies in marketing that can have a similar effect.

  • Buy one billboard
  • Produce a jingle, without a media buying strategy
  • Target an audience that is not your ideal target audience
  • Casting a geographic net that is too wide
  • Start selling a product without a value proposition
  • Producing Spanish language ads that link to English language landing pages

True, these tactics may have a temporary impact. The product will likely receive a small lift over a short period of time, but that lift will probably not have positive long-term returns.

To achieve a long-term return on your marketing dollars, consider investing in the creation of a holistic marketing strategy. The value of true marketing strategy is to really examine a problem through research, understand the market forces at play, and produce a strategic plan that can be executed with the goal of achieving specific returns. A common mistake that some companies make is to try to solve a marketing problem without fully understanding the issue.

By developing a research-based marketing strategy, your company will receive an actionable strategy and steps for implementation. The research may help to identify your companies’ value proposition, it may help to differentiate your brand, or it may define your ideal customer segment. Agua’s expertise can help you develop a research-based marketing strategy that targets the Hispanic market. Learn more about our unique services.