Pepsi launched a new Hispanic marketing initiative around the US Census.

The concept is really good: it calls for Hispanics to submit their stories and show their “human” side, proving that we’re more than numbers.

After all submissions are received, the company will create a documentary with the best stories. The film is to be hosted by Latina actress Eva Longoria.

If only they hand’t made a basic error in naming the program.

The original name in English, which seems to be the language in which the promotion was conceived, is “I Count.”

That name is very good. It summarizes the concept beautifully with the double entendre “I count [numbers]” and “I’m important.”

However, the unfortunate name of the promotion in Spanish is “Yo Sumo,” meaning “I add.”

(Or “I participate in Japan’s national sport, wrestling in sacred ground to honor the Shinto Gods”).

As obvious as it may seem, a better name would have been simply “Yo cuento.” This would have maintained the two English meanings (“I count [numbers]” and “I’m important”), but it would have added a great third one: “I tell a story.”

Many times the easiest and more obvious approach is the best one. Makes you wonder if using something that was so close to the English name felt “too easy” to the Pepsi marketing folks.