Sometimes it’s great to run into great examples of Spanglish. I took this picture on a recent trip to the Home Depot.

Some people are very anti-Spanglish. They see it as “English attacking Spanish.” I disagree.

It can be argued that Spanglish is a result of badly spoken Spanish in the same way that Spanish came from badly spoken Latin in what is today Spain.

Spanglish is a direct result of acculturation, and it’s a natural phenomena caused by people living in two worlds.

It’s fascinating to listen to music, read poetry or read notes in Spanglish. Spanglish is a unique US Hispanic expression that most US Hispanics understand.

Should Spanglish be used in marketing communications for Hispanics? Depende.

If the intended audience of the message reacts to it, by all means. To be cute or funny? Maybe.

Working with Spanglish is like handling radioactive materials. It can be useful and powerful, but it needs to be handled with extreme care.