Gross. Gross. Gross. An anti itch cream called “Sarna.”

The cream is probably very good and effective… except Sarna means “mange” in Spanish.

Even if you were trying to pick the worst name for a skin cream as a joke, you probably wouldn’t pick Sarna. Too disgusting.

My first thought was that since the manufacturer is called Stiefel Laboratories, it was German or Swedish, and “sarna” meant “smooth and silky skin” in whatever language they spoke.

But the company is actually headquartered in Miami. Of all places. Right in Coral Gables.

Sometimes things like this leave me scratching my head… Wondering what were they thinking.

Trying to find an excuse for smart marketing people making questionable marketing decisions…

In Venezuela we have a saying: “Sarna con gusto no pica”: Mange, if you like it, it won’t itch to you.

But if the brand of your skin product means “mange” for millions of potential consumers, that’s gotta at least itch a little.

Or hurt a lot.