Yeah, they’re not targeting Hispanics. Yeah, they’ve been around for 20 years… but, c’mon!

I had to approach the lady at the booth and discreetly tell her that the name of her company meant “booger” in Spanish.

She told me she knew, but they used to be called the “Mortgage Company” and decided to short it to Moco.

(Hey, if FedEx can do it, so can Moco).

I swear I felt like Joey from Friends – I had to make a big effort not to burst out laughing while she launched into her corporate spiel… “Moco this… and Moco that…”

Hispanics may not be their main audience, but the name has to affect them negatively.

I don’t know anything about Moco (giggles), they’re probably very solid (giggles). But I’m sure they have Hispanic employees, partners and some Hispanic decision makers that know what the name also means and find it funny.

Years ago it used to be said “nobody can get fired for buying IBM.” Somehow I get the feeling that hiring Moco doesn’t have that effect.